keeping your dog cool in the summer

Keeping Your Dog Cool in The Summer

If you currently have a dog, and it is in the midst of summer, it is important to keep them cool. Although dogs have their own internal mechanism for not overheating, panting alone will not help them on the hottest days. It is very common for dogs to overheat, especially those that naturally have a…

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The Top 10 Harmful Plants For Dogs

While taking man’s best friend for a cool afternoon walk, there are many things to keep in mind including what harmful plants for dogs you may run into. Dogs and puppies all communicate with their mouth and they tend to be very curious as they bite and lick just about anything. However, what seems like…

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pack walks are beneficial

Get Ready, Get Set, and Learn About Pack Walking Dogs

Did you know your four-legged best friend has a pack mentality? Most experts agree that dogs are descendants of the wolf, a social, wild animal that lives in packs. Because of this, the method of pack walking dogs has so many benefits. In this article we are going to dive into not only the benefits…

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signs of stress in dogs

Top 10 Signs of Stress in Dogs

Like humans, dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety. Stress is more common in canines than you may expect. Since dogs cannot articulate their feelings with words or throw a temper tantrum and cry, what are the signs of stress in dogs? Latchkey Pets answers this question along with others concerning stress and anxiety in…

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how to leash train

How to Leash Train Your Dog and Eliminate Pulling

Many new dog owners mistakenly assume that their furry, four-legged friend instinctively knows how to properly walk on a leash. However, odds are you will have to leash train your puppy to walk politely and correctly. This is a very important skill for puppies to learn, and this is one skill that dog owners will…

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winter dog walking

Winter Dog Walking Tips and Essentials

Walking your dog is a great way to provide your furry friend with the exercise they need. However, it is so much more than that. You also get exercise when you walk your dog. It’s a great way to bond with your pet, teach him manners, and acclimate him to other dogs and people. Walking…

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