benefits of socializing your puppy

Puppy Socialization Makes for a Happy and Confident Pet

Getting a puppy used to all types of sounds, sights and smells in a positive manner is what puppy socialization is all about. A social puppy is less likely to be afraid of being with people, especially children, to get into a car, and to be around other animals. Puppy socialization is key to raising…

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tips on choosing family dog

Choosing the Right Dog Breed – Best Family Dogs

It is often said that a dog is a man’s best friend. When choosing your best friend, which breed makes the best family dog? Latchkey Pets is here to discuss what to consider when choosing the right dog breed and the best family dogs. From a dog’s temperament to how much exercise certain breeds require,…

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tips for protecting your dog from getting sprayed by a skunk

Tips to Protect Your Dog From Getting Sprayed by a Skunk

Dogs have a penchant for getting themselves into danger thanks to their fearless nature and innate curiosity. When your dog steps out of the house, there are a few other animals to look out for that could potentially harm your dog. In this particular article, Latchkey Pets gives tips to protect your dog from getting…

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what is kennel cough

What Dog Owners Should Know About Kennel Cough

Unlike humans, dogs are not able to communicate how they are feeling to their friends and human companions. With this in mind, it is very important to be aware of their physical conditions and ready to step in and provide care if your dog is unwell. As a  dog owner, it is essential to know…

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tips for puppy playdate

Top Tips For A Successful Puppy Playdate

Calling all new puppy owners! If you have recently acquired a beautiful puppy, it is important to teach them how to interact with other dogs. Although interacting with humans properly is also essential, it is very important for them to socialize with puppies just like them. There is a certain critical time frame where they…

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walking your dog in the fall

Autumn Safety Tips For Your Pets

It’s almost the end of summer which means that fall is just around the corner. If you have a pet, you know how excited they may get to go outside. In the fall, the air is cooler and the foliage grows thicker, making the walk even more enjoyable for your pup. While taking your pet…

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keeping your dog cool in the summer

Keeping Your Dog Cool in The Summer

If you currently have a dog, and it is in the midst of summer, it is important to keep them cool. Although dogs have their own internal mechanism for not overheating, panting alone will not help them on the hottest days. It is very common for dogs to overheat, especially those that naturally have a…

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harmful plants for dogs

The Top 10 Harmful Plants For Dogs

While taking man’s best friend for a cool afternoon walk, there are many things to keep in mind including what harmful plants for dogs you may run into. Dogs and puppies all communicate with their mouth and they tend to be very curious as they bite and lick just about anything. However, what seems like…

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pack walks are beneficial

Get Ready, Get Set, and Learn About Pack Walking Dogs

Did you know your four-legged best friend has a pack mentality? Most experts agree that dogs are descendants of the wolf, a social, wild animal that lives in packs. Because of this, the method of pack walking dogs has so many benefits. In this article we are going to dive into not only the benefits…

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