pet obesity

Is Your Pet Overweight? Signs to Look For and What You Can Do About It

Pets are a vital part of our lives, and we love seeing them happy and healthy. Unfortunately, pet obesity has become a major problem in recent years, with many pets struggling to maintain a healthy weight. If your pet is overweight, it may be more susceptible to various health problems. This may include issues such…

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pet training trips

Dog Training Tips – Rewarding Your Pet VS Bribery

Training your pet can be a difficult task, but using food as either a bribe or a reward in dog training can help you get results. Bribing your dog with treats and snacks during training can establish a connection between desired behavior and tasty morsels while rewarding them with treats after completing the task reinforces…

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spoiled dog

What are 10 Signs You Have a Spoiled Pet?

We pet owners want our furry friends to be happy and well-behaved. But sometimes, our pets can develop certain habits or behaviors that indicate they’ve become too spoiled. Whether it’s excessive barking or meowing, refusing to obey commands, demanding constant attention, or displaying signs of separation anxiety, these are all signs that you have a…

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healthy happy puppy

Puppy Breath – Uncovering the Differences between the Good and Bad

Everyone knows the sweet smell of puppy breath – that unmistakable, almost magical scent that transports us to a place of pure joy and contentment. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what is puppy breath and what exactly gives puppies their unique fragrance? Well, let’s take a look at the science behind the…

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boxer dog tongue out facts

12 Amazing Facts About A Dog’s Tongue You Probably Did Not Know

12 Amazing Facts About A Dog’s Tongue You Probably Did Not Know A dog’s tongue plays a crucial part in how it interacts with its surroundings, whether taking every last piece of food from its dish, panting after a game of fetch, or showering you with affection. Here are some intriguing facts about dog tongues…

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pup to adult surviving adolescent dogs

Canine Adolescence – Surviving the Doggie Teens

Surviving Your Pup’s Adolescent Behavior Canine adolescence is a difficult time for both children and dogs. For puppies, it’s usually defined as the period from four months to two years of life; however this might just be an extension into adulthood due to their behavior patterns during these early stages being similar between human adolescents.…

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protecting mental health by playing with dog in the water

Protecting Your Dogs Mental Health

Mental Health is Important for Your Dog It’s upsetting to watch your dog behaving down or worried. Learn how you may assist your dog with mental health challenges that are not exclusive to people. Dogs can exhibit signs of anxiety and depression, which can coexist. When dealing with these mental health concerns, people may develop…

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Protect Dog Paws

Protect Dog Paws for a Happy Pup

Paw problems in dogs may be unseen by pet owners, but these conditions can cause significant discomfort for our canine companions if left untreated. Paws are relatively tough, but it’s excruciating when they do have difficulties. To avoid paw issues like broken nails, pad burns, and frostbite, pet parents must learn to protect their dog’s…

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training dog loose leash walk

Loose Leash Walking Tips and Tricks

It’s time to get your furry best friend out for some extra playtime and exercise! Now is an excellent opportunity for a refresher on loose leash walking and reinforcing appropriate  walking behavior. If you have a pup, the great news is that you can start your loose-leash training right at home. By committing to loose…

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