Initial Consultation

  • 30-60 Minutes

Regular Visit

$24 per visit
  • 30 Minutes

Extended Visit

$30 per visit
  • 45 Minutes

VIP Visit

$37 per visit
  • 60 Minutes

Overnight Visit

$130 per visit
  • 6PM - 7AM

"This is such a great service! I hired Latchkey Pets last August when I got my dog. They send me a text after they walk my dog and even include pics of his adventures while I'm at work. 🙂 Their employees really care, and that gives me peace of mind." 

David W.
Dad of Boomer

"Fabulous care and great employees!!"

Bobbi E.
Mom of Trevor, Lady & Jax

"I don't know how we survived without Latchkey pets! It is such peace of mind. A well run business with personal service. Just like daycare for kids, we all want our 4-legged kids to have the best attention. This is the answer!"

Karen C.
Mom of Maggie & Kirby