training dog loose leash walk

Loose Leash Walking Tips and Tricks

It’s time to get your furry best friend out for some extra playtime and exercise! Now is an excellent opportunity for a refresher on loose leash walking and reinforcing appropriate  walking behavior. If you have a pup, the great news is that you can start your loose-leash training right at home. By committing to loose…

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tips for keeping pet sitter safe

How To Keep Your Pet Sitter and Pet Safe

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that our pets are safe and secure with the pet sitters we leave them with. We will baby-proof a home with a young one around, and we must do the same for our pets to ensure they are always safe when we are not able to…

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backyard playtime vs dog walking

Pet Health – Walking Your Dog vs. Backyard Playtime

Walking your dog after a busy day at work may feel almost impossible after the long day. You may want to let her enjoy herself in the backyard, especially when she needs bathroom breaks. However, when you’re deciding between walking your dog vs backyard playtime, it is important to consider pet health and pet exercise…

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avoiding frostbite in dogs

Common Signs and Treatment of Frostbite in Dogs

When the weather becomes cold, it’s time to pull out warmer clothes and cold weather gear for your family. Warm weather gear isn’t just for the humans in your life; it also includes cold-weather gear for your dog to not only keep your four-legged best friend warm but to also avoid frostbite in dogs. Sweaters…

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unique dog gifts

Unique Dog Gifts for the Holidays

Have you finished your holiday shopping? As you are checking your list twice to ensure you are not forgetting anyone, remember your furry friends! Dogs are family, and Latchkey Pets is here to help you find the perfect gift for your furry best friend. There are many great gifts you can give your dog this…

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tips for bringing new puppy home

Top Tips on Bringing a Puppy Home

The day has finally come to bring your new puppy home! A puppy is a significant commitment, so make sure the entire family is on board with adding this newest member of the family before you leap into bringing a puppy home. In addition, you are bringing a new life into your home to keep…

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Walking Your Dog for Exercise

Top Benefits of Dog Exercise

Many people believe that when you say, “It’s time to walk the dog,” you mean that your pet has to go do his “business.” Yes, walking the dog is necessary for keeping the family carpet clean, but going for a walk with your dog has many additional advantages. In this article we will go over…

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DIY Dog Food Benefits

DIY Dog Food to Make Right at Home

One of the most basic necessities of dogs is a proper diet. Unfortunately, choosing the right food for your furry best friends can be tricky. Do you feed kibble, raw, or DIY dog food you make at home for your dog? A nutritious diet is one of the most effective ways to keep your dog…

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Puppy behavior stages socialization

All About Puppy Behavior Stages – What to Expect

Throughout your puppy’s life, you will notice several behavioral changes. Knowing how to handle your puppy at each growth stage can help mold your puppy into a lifetime family member. To have a well-adjusted and social dog, you must guarantee that his requirements are satisfied at all stages of growth. In this article, we will…

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how to treating separation anxiety in dogs

Returning to The Office: Tips on Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

If your house is anything like ours, that means your pets are part of your family.  Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, more pet owners are working from home and staying in with their furry best friends. It has given people the opportunity to spend more time with their pets, creating stronger bonds with…

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