Autumn Safety Tips For Your Pets

It’s almost the end of summer which means that fall is just around the corner. If you have a pet, you know how excited they may get to go outside. In the fall, the air is cooler and the foliage grows thicker, making the walk even more enjoyable for your pup. While taking your pet for a walk in the fall is fun and comfortable, it is important to keep in mind autumn safety tips as the weather changes and various trees and plants start blooming. Fall is the perfect environment that attracts long nature walks with our favorite pets, but remember, this also means it is the perfect time for other poisonous creatures to move about. One needs to look out for both the pet and themselves throughout the walk. Keep the following autumn safety tips in mind the next time you are enjoying nature with your pets.

Outdoor Autumn Safety Tips

Be Mindful Of Wildlife

The hibernation season comes almost immediately after fall. This means that during autumn, many wild animals are out and about getting ready for the hibernation season. Getting ready for the said animals involves eating and storing plenty of food to get through the cold season. If you live in an area that is infested with skunks and other rodent animals, you must be mindful of your pet and its whereabouts. Being mindful and following the autumn safety tips concerning wildlife in your area ensures that your pet is protected from any potential harm.

Be Alert Around Mushrooms

During this time of the year, mushrooms tend to sprout on every floor in nature and around our yards. Research shows that some of these mushrooms are fit for consumption while others tend to be poisonous and not good for human or animal use. The best way to avoid this misery is by avoiding mushrooms at all costs. Pets are playful by nature and as they are exploring they may eat the poisonous mushrooms. Autumn safety tips include keeping your pet clear from the mushrooms and supervising your pet’s movements. If by any chance you suspect that your pet has eaten one of those poisonous mushrooms, it is best to contact your vet immediately.

walking your dog in the fall
walking your dog in the fall

Be Aware Of Snakes

As previously mentioned, during autumn everything blossoms up. Furthermore, during the autumn season, most of the reptiles tend to slither around looking for food and safe places to hibernate before the cold months arrive. While walking your four-legged best friend, try not to let your pet off their leash as they may wander too far. When your pet is roaming everywhere in thick shrubs and plants, they can be widely exposed to snake bites. Some snakes like hiding in the bushes while others prefer to camouflage in the foliage. This can pose a great danger to a pet while they’re sniffing around. Snake bites can be deadly, so take extra care if your pet is exposed to the reptile.

Beware Of Rodenticides

The leaves around the autumn time bring rodents like mice. Oftentimes, to deal with mice and an infestation of rodents, homeowners buy rodenticide. Unfortunately, pets tend to sniff and taste new smells around their yard, and rodenticide is extremely toxic to pets. If you are dealing with mice, follow our autumn safety tips for pets. Choose other ways to trap them that do not involve the use of harmful rodenticide. If you can not avoid the rodenticide, make sure your pet does not get close to the areas you have poured it. If you suspect that a pet has eaten some of the poison, make a point to contact the vet immediately.

rodenticides safety tips
autumn safety tips for rodenticides

Watch Out For Spiders

Spiders are everywhere, and not all spiders are harmful and dangerous to both pets and human beings. Some spiders tend to be small and cannot penetrate through the animal skin. Fortunately, in the United States there are only a few species that are of great danger to pets. Dangerous spider species include widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, and, of course, hobo spiders. Part of our autumn safety tips for your pet is to watch out for these spiders during the cooler seasons. Ensure that your windows remain closed, and keep an eye out for dangerous looking insects like the spiders mentioned above.

Ensure You Prepare Them For The Cold

Your pet probably takes walks in the evening when it is summer. However, fall means the evenings tend to be colder on the pet. This is why you must choose a suitable time for them that is not too cold. Latchkey Pets recommends feeding the pet more food because they will be using more energy with the colder temperatures. You can always check with your vet to know the amount of energy they need so that you can adjust their food portions.

Indoor Autumn Safety Tips

Store Your Decorations Safely

If you celebrate the fall and winter like us, you most likely have decorations stored and are excited to bring them out. Our last tip for autumn safety tips is to ensure that you store trinkets and props away from the pet’s reach. Not only is it frustrating when pets get into your decor, but the smaller decor may be easier for your pet to swallow. If the pet mistakenly swallows an object, get them to the vet right away. Make sure that you have boxes to store decorations, safely out of reach of your furry best friends.

box up your fall decor safely
keeping your dog safe from fall decor

Keeping School Supplies Safe

Autumn safety tips do not just include tips for being outdoors. Fall also means many kids start school again and with the start of the school year, some supplies may be around the house. Make sure that supplies like glue sticks, art-aking papers, and pencils are not too close to the pets. Dogs might decide to chew on items while pets such as cats may result in playing with them. Look for a designated area where you can store school supplies, and make sure to pick an area that the pet cannot access easily.

A new season can be exciting, but with cooler weather and the blooming of trees, shrubs, and plants, it is important to take the precautions necessary to keep you and your pet safe. We hope our autumn safety tips help you enter into the new season feeling comfortable with taking your pet on long walks while also being cautious and protecting your pup. Learn more about walking your dog and Latchkey Pet’s daytime dog walking services here.

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